Reiki for Cats

The reaction cats have to Reiki is intriguing! Below, I describe different hand positions you may use on your cat for different ailments. However, cats can sense the slightest variations in our intentions. They remind us that Reiki is love. Sharing Reiki with your cat will heal them, but if you come at them with the intention to fix them, they will run. If you approach them with love, and the intention to love them; to share loving energy with them, they will absorb the energy without resistance.

If you are treating your furry friend for "feline leukemia", you want to cover their neck area and under their jaws; this is where their lymph nodes are located. Place your hands on the chest where the thymus gland sits and on the belly about 2 inches up from the hind legs on the cat’s left side (belly up). This is effective in building up immunity to leukemia. If you are finding it difficult to keep your cat comfortable and still, Reiki can usually be shared more easily with your cat lying on his or her belly. Place your thumbs just below the rib cage and the fingers underneath the cat's body. Just remember to treat the entire body, except for the head, legs and feet. If your cat has a bladder infection, be sure to place your hands over the pelvic area on top near the spine. This sends Reiki energy to the spinal nerves that weaken the bladder.

If your cat has a spinal injury, share Reiki by placing the heel of one hand at the base of the tail, with fingers pointed toward the head. The heel of the other hand is at the base of the neck, with fingers pointed toward the base of the spine. At the first suspect of your cat communicating that s/he has received enough, remove your hands for a couple of seconds. Then treat other areas of the body that appear to be traumatized by the injury. Ultimately, however, I advise against forcing your cat to sit still while you share Reiki with them. They know how much energy they need and can freely choose to stop accepting the Reiki.

My cat came to me in a non-descript cardboard box left in the entrance way of my home years ago. He was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, and it was clear that he was too young to have been separated from his mother. His breathing was often fast, and it was difficult to feel his heartbeat at times. The local veterinarian said he probably would not live for very long. For weeks he drank milk from my finger (which I continually submerged in a glass of milk…I do not have magical nipple fingers). I shared Reiki with him for many hours each day, and he began sleeping on my chest above my heart which was constantly beating with loving intention. Mele (my cat) grew strong as he lived in my VW bus with me for a summer, and now is a 6-year old happy boss of the house where he lives with my parents.